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Page updated February 15, 2011

Engine Shots

The first shot is some of the new parts I received followed by the new Cobra short block, ARP beefy oil pump shaft compared to the stock one, Canton Windage Tray parts, tray installed with modifications for the stock oil dip stick tube assembly and the March alternator and power steering brackets.

Stud mounted rocker parts, shim adjustment method, rockers up close, rockers installed and adjusted, Centerforce Dual Friction clutch assembly, engine/transmission installation (done on Christmas Eve '99), the basic engine assembly installed in the chassis and new 155lph fuel pump.

Here are the latest shots of the engine after it ran it's first time. All that's left is to fine tune after the exhaust gets fixed. The shot after the engine run is the oil filter adapter at the block. I had very low oil pressure and found it to be cracked. Most likely when I tightened it. New one is on the way. No damage done. The last picture is my lower radiator hose setup. They are secured to the lower "X" member. The last picture is of the lost oil galley plug that wasn't installed at the factory. Now it's in and there's 70#'s of pressure. Also is the billet adapter I installed at the block for the oil lines.

Dyno Information

I had a dyno run done in August of 2004. I kept putting it off but I had to get this done just to see what I had. The engine specs are as follows:

302 stock shortblock
FMS X303 heads
FMS "B" cam
FMS 1.6 roller rockers
standard oil pump
Canton windage tray and Road Race oil pan (7qts.)
Cobra intake
24# injectors
65mm throttle body
70mm MAF
stock distributor

As you can see by the chart below on the left, the engine with Cobra intake has about 282 ft/lbs of torque at 3880rpm, and 251 HP at 5034rpm at the rear wheels. I wanted this because I was changing fuel systems and needed a good baseline to compare each system. My old system was the Cobra intake with 24# injectors as listed above. I will take another run with the new Victor Jr. and "Mass-Flo" system from Quality Roadsters and post it here. You can read about the upgrade here:Mass-Flo Injection.

Cobra Intake Dyno Mass-Flo Dyno Dyno Setup

The chart on the right is the new "Mass-Flo" system from Quality Roadsters. Everything remained the same on my engine except: Cobra intake, fuel regulator, 65mm throttle body and 70mm MAF. Why, I didn't need them anymore. The "Mass-Flo" system looks just like a carburated setup, but isn't. The Victor Jr. setup gave me 258 ft/lbs of torque at 4391rpm, and 272 HP at 5961rpm at the rear wheels.

The Mass-Flo setup gave me 20.5 more peak HP at 927 more RPM. To me, that was more than I was hoping for. The torque dropped by 24.1 ft/lb, but also peaked at an additional 1051 RPM. So, the system is doing what I expected, carrying more torque and horsepower longer, as seen by the fact that torque peaks an additional 11mph and horsepower and additional 20mph. This should suit the stroker build just fine. I'll do another dyno test after that's completed and broken in, which should be next spring.

Although the Cobra intake was doing it's job, it was also choking my engine. The shorter runners on the Victor Jr. are giving up the low end torque but I should see an improvement after stroking. Am I happy, you bet I am!

The timing is set at 12° and fuel pressure is 40psi. It is set the same on each system so a comparison will be equal. Distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires remained the same so there won't be any advantage to prove otherwise. I felt this way it would definately be a fair comparison.

The next step for this is a 331 stroker. I'll most likely go with some Trick Flow items.

Engine Upgrade!

December 2007

A lot has happened to the engine over the past three years. The biggest improvement was to stroke the engine to 331. I did this because I wasn't that keen on the 347 for longevity, plus the fact that I wan't to have a good daily driver and be able to have fun on the track. I'm happy I chose the 331 stroker.

I had a shop locally (Santa Cruz, CA.) do the engine work. They had a fairly good record and had done a friends 331 stroker. I asked to assemble the engine but Grant at GMP said he would warranty his work but not mine, so I decided to have him do it all. I wanted a Scat crank and AFR 185 heads and when I picked up the engine, I had World heads. They are compatible so I decided to not make a big deal. Once the engine was installed (I did all the R&R work) it smoked like a crop duster.

I tried to seat the rings and was in contact with the shop and did a lot of diagnosing by compression and leak down tests. The leak down was over 30% on a new engine. Damn! I took the car to his shop and when the oil filler cap was removed it smoked all the way above the open hood like a chimney. He tried to tell me that was normal and I said don't B.S. me, I've been in this business longer than you've been alive!

Needless to say, I pulled the engine and he went through it again. Once back in it was better but not right. I tried again to seat the rings and put about 3k miles on it and then a trip to MA. It burned a quart every 500 miles! Upon my return home in 2009 I decided to pull the engine and go through it again. No!, the old shop did not get the work.

December 2009

A friend of mine turned me on to a guy in San Jose, CA that did top notch work. I took the complete engine to him because he wanted to inspect as he tore it down. I agreed and let him get to it. I got a few calls and then took a look. Oh my god! The engine looked like it had 250,000 miles on it. The cylinders were like mirrors. No cross hatch at all for an engine with less than 8k miles on it.

Along with needing new pistons (we bored another .005 over), everything was replaced except the crank, rods, and valves. The valve springs were wrong and short, roller rockers were worn, rocker studs too short and I replaced the cam with a better breather for my needs along with new roller lifters becasue the old ones were just stock. Needless to say, it was a total do over.

Once the engine was done, it was put on the dyno for it's run-in. I installed my Powerjection III system on the engine and did some tuning for about 20mins before we opened it up. After the first run we had 389 HP. Not bad for a first pull. The next few pulls kept increasing and I did a little more tuning and our final output was 403 HP! Wow!

I isntalled the engine in the car over the winter and finall got it running in March 2010. I did a lot of wiring rework and was going to install my new TKO500 in along with a custom backbone system, but ran into issues I didn't want to tackle before our driving season, so, I opted to wait until winter of 2010 when the body comes off to fit the new transmission.

The initial drive was good and the engine feels real strong. Best thing is it doesn't smoke like a chimney anymore. I'll be easing in the driving along with letting the new Powerjection III system learn more before letting it loose and doing a dyno run later this summer. For now, we're ready to enjoy our season. You can read about the new Powerjection III system here: Fuel System.

Stainless Steel Exhaust!

February 2011

After a few years of waiting to get some new stainless steel sidepipes made for my car, a vendor on FFcars forum, Performanceautomotivecustoms, aka: Racer 28; came up with some new polished SS Headers! Wow! I thought those would go perfect with my new polished SS sidepipes I plan on installing. So, phone call was made in October of 2010 and the order was in. Oh, did I not mention, these would be 1 3/4" primaries and not the 1 5/8" primaries that most people install.

There were a few snags along the way and I had to wait until the end of January 2011 before I actually had the headers in my hands. They were very well packaged and looked absolutely gorgeous!

I called my buddie Mike (Big Iron) to let him know I had some new headers on the way. My original plan was to put the Factory Five headers on the car and make the new sidepipes match to them. Now with the new headers, the polished stainless steel look will go from the heads to the exhaust tips!

As you can see below, the headers bolt up fine to my MKI Cobra from Factory Five. I plan on making the passenger footbox bigger and having the exhaust in place will definately allow me to utilize all the available space to increase footroom for the passenger.

Polished SS Headers

I secured the headers with the Stage 8 kits. I've had good luck with them in the past so I decided to continue the use. I thought about using the Percy bolts, but gave in to my proven method. I did use the Percy exhaust gaskets, which I believe are one of the best gaskets out there to use. Next came the cutting and fitting of the tubes, collector, muffler and tip.

Mike is as anal as I am when it comes to cars. Both of us take pride in the work we do and the finished product always speaks for us. One thing for sure is these will fit this car like a glove. I was able to purchase a couple of extra flanges from Performanceautomotivecustoms, which made the fitment to his headers that much easier. Everything is tacked in place before it all gets tig welded and then sent back to the polisher for touch up.