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Page updated June 26, 2018

Wheels and Tires

These are my original build Compomotive wheels. They are a thee piece wheel and was all I could get with the offset I needed when building the car in 2000. I ran a Sumitomo tire with 225/50 front and 255/50 rear in 16" wheel size. I have since sold these and run the new Team III wheels below.

New Team III Wheels

These are my new Team III wheels that I've had for several years, but waited until I did all my body work upgrades in 2017 to install them. I went to a 17" wheel and am please they look as good as advertised. I especially like the fact there is NO bolts showing (like the three piece Compomotive) which are ugly in my opinion, but it was all I had to choose from at the time of my original build. I have 8.25" on the front and 10.5" on the rear. I decided to run the Continental Exteme DW and run 245/40-17 fronts and 285/40-17 rears. I like the look of a smaller diameter front tire, that's why the size change. Most will run a 245/45 tire.