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Page updated July 13, 2002

Front Suspension & Power Steering

These are shots of the front suspension assembly and the Heidt power steering kit I installed. I kept the original rack and added the kit to adjust the steering response. I used AN6 hose and fittings supplied with the kit and a few extra feet of hose for routing. I modified one end of the return line to the pump to connect with rubber hose. I used my die grinder to cut off the nut portion of the fitting to slip a piece of hose over and then to the pump return port.

I used this rubber/neoprene bellows to seal up the area around the steering shaft where it enters the footbox. I got it from McMaster-Carr. I used the diameter of the shaft for the I.D. of the bellows piece, then cut one end off the bellows to use for sealing the shaft and hole. The other end is saved as a replacement if needed later.

February 2002

Installation of Vintage Performance Motorcars front sway bar.

After trying to decide which setup to install, VP came out with their product and I quickly snatched one up. The rear was the first to get installed and then the front followed. The front installation was a breeze! All the brackets fit nicely and the rest was just welding up the sway bar mount to the frame. After everything was fitted and test driven for a month, I removed the sway bar and had it powdercoated to help protect it from getting blasted.

I'm running the front bar on the lowest setting (7/8" bar and 174 lbs/in) with 450# springs at the present time. I get a slight amount of push in corners which I really don't mind. I can induce oversteer as well by throttle position and the car can rotate easily using this method.

By no means is this information intended for everyones setup. I believe it is a very good solution to the body roll characteristics of the F5 roadster.

More suspension work is being done at the present time and I'll report on that after I do some testing with that setup.

The above pictures show the bar and brackets being positioned and how it connects to the lower control arm shock assembly.