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Time To Hit the Road Again,
in our (newly restored MKI)
topless Factory Five Roadster (Cobra).

June 25th to July 2, 2017

Latest update, June 23, 2017
Aptos, CA

Off on another adventure to meet up with the Utah Cobra Club to visit the southwestern corner of Colorado. At the time of this update (June 23rd), the Cobra is painted! Wow! A few days to spare before we head east. Yipee! We're on our way to Colorado on the 25th. As my body guy would say, "that's hot rodding 101"! I'm trying out some paint protection for the trip. Everyone raves about it and it's water soluble so it won't hurt the paint. It's applied by a small roller and goes on easy. It's suppose to come off easy so I'll know in a few days. You can read about it here: Road Warrior Plus.

This will be another drive through Nevada along Highway 50 "The Loneliest Road in America", also part of the Lincoln Highway, with a planned stop in Eureka, NV for the night. From there it will be on to Grand Junction, Colorado to meet the group the following day. Then it's on to Dolores, Durango and Delta, before we head southwest for a planned stop at the Grand Canyon in Arizona before heading home. Jeanne's never seen the Grand Canyon so as long as we're there, we plan to do the "one day get your feet wet visit".

--- Overview of Highway 50 through Nevada ---

Welcome to Highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America. This highway crosses Central Nevada through the Great Basin, a unique area because no water leaves the basin. Rivers begin, run, and go underground. They may resurface once in awhile but soon return underground.

The route Highway 50 follows has been a pathway for travel for centuries. The Native Americans followed migrating herds of deer, antelope, and other game across Central Nevada. Early explorers crossing Nevada included John Fremont and Jedediah Smith. The Overland Stage later followed Smith’s route; then the Pony Express took this route, and finally, the transcontinental telegraph came over this area. On July 1, 1913, the Lincoln Highway Association was organized at Detroit, Michigan with the objective: “To procure the establishment of a continuous improved highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, open to lawful traffic of all descriptions without toll charges and to be a lasting memorial to Abraham Lincoln.” (Lincoln Highway Association brochure) The Lincoln Highway was the first coast-to-coast highway, running from New York City to San Francisco. Dwight Eisenhower backed the idea as a young lieutenant colonel in the Army trying to move troops across the country. When he became President of the United States, he promoted the Interstate highway system.

Today, highways take travelers across the country in comfort. Reading journal accounts of pioneers crossing Nevada to get to the west coast, one can really appreciate travel conditions today.

The mountain ranges of Nevada run north to south with valleys between. This is known as Basin and Range formation in the High Desert. This makes Central and Eastern Nevada a one-of-a-kind place. As you travel, take time to enjoy the open spaces, abundant wildlife, unique plants, and friendly communities. A narrated CD of the area has been developed and can be found in the local chamber of commerce or tourism offices.

The towns along Highway 50 each offer points of interest, museums, historical buildings and sites, special events, a variety of services and interesting shops. Visitors can rest assured that all the necessities can be found along the route. However, it is a long way between places. The wise traveler knows it is best to carry extra water and warm clothing because this is mostly high desert; conditions and temperatures can change quickly. Travel with your gas tank filled. Watch for wild life including deer, elk, coyote, rabbits, birds, cows, horses, and other critters. This is open range country so any of these may be on the road ways, especially at night. Enjoy your trip through Nevada and plan enough time to enjoy all the attractions along the way.

Nevada Highway Speed Limits Map


Here's a link to current road conditions in Nevada, Utah (click on Statewide Map and Hide Cameras to view entire state) and Colorado.

I'm allowing two full days to get to Colorado with a stop in Nevada and we'll be checking email so if you'd like to drop a line, do so here: or, you can email Jeanne at: However, this route can change at the last minute.

Weather will be another unknown, but we've got used to that traveling in an open top car, so we'll just get prepared again. Car cover, umbrella, hats and layers or clothing should help keep us dry. And, as a benefit, I'm taking my friend Reno's "weather window" (although now I'm not sure we're going to need it)!

Map of proposed Utah Club to Soutwest Colorado trip.

---- The Trip ----

I've added hyperlinks for major spots so you can see or read about the area we're visiting or driving through. I'll be posting some pictures I take along the way as well so you can see what we see! If you have questions, you can email us at the links above.
Thanks again for following along.

A few places that the Utah group has planned are: Gateway Auto Museum, Circle K Ranch, Four Corners Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Durango Train Station and a drive along the Million-Dollar-Highway on our way to Delta before we leave for our drive home the following day.

After spending the last night with the Utah group in Delta, we plan on heading southwest stopping in Tuba City, AZ for the night before heading to the Grand Canyon for a day, then on to Needles, CA for the night and finally home.

Eureka, NV
June 25

Up early and left the house just before 5am. Stopped in Jackson, CA for breakfast and then over Hwy88, Hwy395 and finally Hwy50 on our way to Colorado. We had good weather and no rain! Temps in the upper 80's and lov 90's but tolerable to drive. Cool neck ties and frozen water bottles gave us plenty of liquidity across the Nevada desert. We pulled into Eureka, NV around 3:30pm, checked in the Gold Country Inn and then went up the street to the Owl Club Bar and Steakhouse for a simple dinner. Now just ready to shower and crash for the night. Drove about 525mi. today and tomorrow will be about the same. Long days for sure.

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